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Bihovsky Alexandr Yakovlevich

1888 (Mogilev)  —  1978 (Moscow)

Born in an orthodox Jewish family. From 1901, he had been studing painting with the iconographer Gorbunov.After taking part in the revolutionary movement, trips to Turkestan and wandering in the Volga region he went to study at the School Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg (has not finished).Since 1913 participated in exhibitions. In 1922, was his solo exhibition in the theater studio "Gabima" in Moscow. He participated in exhibitions of the "United Arts" (OBIS), "Union of Artists of Moscow Schools" (1925), "The World Graphics" (Leipzig, 1927). He painted portraits, glass miniatures, designed covers of Commissariat's publications , was in charge of poster workshop, designed the magazine "Culture and Revolution," illustrated the works of Isaac Babel, made ​​sketches for the film "Love and Hate" (directed by A. Gendelshteyn) and decorations and projects of industrial exhibitions. Since late 1940s. worked as a sculptor. He founded the art studio named after M.A. Vrubel and thaught there as well. Was friends with Vigptsky brothers. Famous psychologiest and art expert. L.S. Vigotsky wrote a book in his honour "A.Bikhovsky. Graphics" (1926). Bikhovsky's legacy is kept in Pushkin State Museum of Art in private collections. From February 16 to March 13, 2005 there was a personal exhibition of the artist;s work. Created political posters sice 1920. During the war he has produced a series of political posters.
1941 - 1945 During the GPW was creating patriotic posters.

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