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Alekseev Georgiy Dmitrievich

1881 (Venyukovo village, Moscow province)  —  1951 (Moscow)

1914 Graduated Moscow School of Arts, Sculpture and Architecture.
In 1907 did a portrait of K.Marx (plaster, D.G. Alekseev's collection, Moscow)   
In 1918 did several true sketches of V.I.Lenin in the study. Took part in Lenin's plan of monumental propaganda (Glyph "Union of Workers and Peasants" at the elevation of the V.I.Lenin Central Museum in Moscow, 1918. K.Marx Monument in Balashikh, 1919.)
The author of one of the first  V.I.Lenin's busts (1919) which is installed in several Soviet cities and first statue of V.I.Lenin "Calling Leader" (plaster, 1924 V.I.Lenin Central Museum). Emblem Osoaviakhima  (1926-27), poster "Ultimatum" (1923).
From 1911 till 1951 lived in Saltikovka, near Moscow.

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