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Deshko Leonid Ivanovich

неизвестно  —  неизвестно

Soviet graphic artist, illustrator of newspapers and books, poster artist. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1943). Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR.

Leonid Ivanovich Deshko was born in Chita. He arrived in Khabarovsk in 1925. I did not receive a special art education. L. Deshko, a self-taught artist began work in the regional newspaper “Pioneer Banner” as an illustrator; retouched photographs, drew illustrations for newspaper materials, wrote headlines, prepared headings. In 1934 - accepted into the staff of the "Pacific Star" in the same position. Cheap author of about four thousand drawings and illustrations, was engaged in the design of books and magazines.

He started exhibiting in Khabarovsk in 1942; took part in the Interregional exhibition of paintings by artists of Siberia and the Far East in Irkutsk (1944). During the Great Patriotic War, he participated in the release of the satirical windows “Blow to the Enemy” as edited by Ogiz-Dalgiz. Together with V.V. Pavchinsky organized the production of military posters “Agitokna” (“A strike on the enemy. The front needs bread as a weapon!”, 1943 and others). In 1943 he joined the Union of Artists. He worked in the editorial office until the early 1980s, dealing with design and newspaper graphics.

The poster “Bread is needed for the front like a weapon!” L. I. Deshko is in the collections of the Scientific Library of the Russian Academy of Arts.

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