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Gromitsky Iosif Ivanovich

25.09.1904 (Staroseltsy, Grodnenskaya obl.)  —  1991 (Moscow)

Soviet graphic artist, well-known poster artist. Member of the USSR Union of Artists.

He was born in the village of Staroseltsy, Grodno province. He lived, studied and worked in Moscow, in 1923-1930 - in VKhUTEIN from K. Istomin, N. Kupreyanov, D. Moore. He was a member of the Youth Organization of the Association of Artists of the Revolution and the Association of Artists of the Revolution (OMAHR, AXR).

In the 1930s he began to work in the field of social and political poster, carried out sheets on the social policy of the state, development of the industry: "An illiterate child is a shame for the mother" (1930), "For the reconstruction of transport! We will give Soviet transport powerful steam locomotives "(1931)," The whistles of locomotives are full of anxiety, we will clear the railways of drunkenness "(1931)," In socialist production, there is no place for a truant! "(1933).

Despite the fact that the artist was part of politically engaged right-wing creative associations, his posters of the turn of the 20s-30s are stylistically close to the works of OST artists, they are distinguished by schematism and sharp-constructivist, versatile composition (AHRR - AXR considered OST, due to the growing popularity the latter and irreconcilable creative disagreements - his main opponent, see the article of AKHR).

In the war years, Iosif Gromitsky, like most Soviet artists, worked on propaganda posters, raising the spirit of the Red Army and rear workers: "Transport is the brother of the Red Army" (1941), "Long live the woman of the country of socialism!" (1941), "Always on guard, the collective farmer is a patriot ..." (1941). At the end of the Great Patriotic War, the artist continued to work on social posters, his manner changed somewhat - became neutral: "Combineers! We'll harvest the harvest in time and without loss! "(1948)," Long live the 33rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution! "(1950)," High yields from good food! "(1958)," Save electricity! "(1959) ), "A million rubles is a lot of income!" (1962).

The posters of I. I. Gromitsky are in the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, the Russian State Library and the National Library of Belarus, the Rybinsk State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve and private collections in Russia, Great Britain and other countries.

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