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Comrade, triple your vigilance and protect collective farm's structure like an apple of your eye.


Cat. no: 1108
Year: 1933
Issue: 60 000
Publisher: OGIZ-IZOGIZ
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow; Leningrad
Series: IZOGIZ Window № 45
  • Caricature
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 108 х 81
Condition: Good. Restoration of tearswith patches.. The left edge is slightly worn out. In the center horizontal creases from the folding.
Notes: Text by N.A. Cheremnykh
Editor Povolotskaya E.
Technical editor Gusev
Description: The fact that you need to know the kulak,
Watch him what he does and not how he looks.
Correctly said Comrade Stalin:
The kulak changed and became different,
Silent, sweet, almost "holy".

Kulak for any job is ready to take. He works "cool", in the sweat of the face,
The collective farms will not be bothered by them.

You'll make him a stable groom-
He will nail the horses in the yokes.

Will collect a cart from half the barn,
And the place will bring - half.

He solves a simple problem:
First he will make provisions, then f giving bread to the State.

"Put the goat to guard the cabbage" - You'll look into the barn - and there it is empty.

In the role of bookkeeper, wearing glasses, A lazy godfather puts wands.

Shears the ear,
Like a hairdresser.

With the tractor the reference is simple:
Once worked - and a month of downtime.
Period: 1931-1940
  • Socialist economics
  • Agriculture and Collectivisation
  • Communist attitude to labour
Reference Price: £ 3500

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