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Citizens! Understand at last! Famine become horror. Hungry must be fed...


Cat. no: 1249
Year: 1922
Issue: 25 000
Publisher: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Lubok
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 69 х 107
Condition: Good. Duplicated. In the center of the stain is from the glue.
Notes: Butnik-Siverskiy B.S.
Soviet Posters of the Civil War Era. 1918-1921.
M., 1960. No.2704. Page 420.(138).

Polonsky V.
Russian Revolution Poster.
M, 1925. No. 3762. Page 180.(057).
Description: There is no bread. It is necessary to bring gold from abroad. We are poor. And in churches and cathedrals - a precious heap. Not Christians, but beasts, those who say here - "we will not give gold - let them die."

1. Is there gold to bring bread? There is gold!

2. For example, in the Trinity Cathedral there is a “heaven” are 4 pounds of gold and six pounds of silver - this heaven could feed the whole village every day.

3. It is in one cathedral, how many are there? Russia has 4 Lavras, 800 monasteries and 60,000 churches of cathedrals, parishes, and chambers.

4. If we collect all the gold and load it, the seven-miles train will be filled with it.

5. If gold were given for bread, for starving people, it would be enough for two years for us. And if we bought dry-resistant seeds - for 10 years for all of Russia would be enough for us. There was enough bread for both sowing and food, and more and 1,000 tractors were purchased and agronomic schools opened to one and a half thousand.

6. The Tsars more than once robbed churches: Peter I to have guns - cast bell into copper. Andrew Bogolyubsky's army went to Kiev - all the temples plundered and took the robe and chandeliers, and nothing but fame, the Tsars did not hear from the priestly mob.

7. Previously, gold was taken, so that people could be killed, and the kings could drink and eat, so is it really impossible to ggive food to the hungry: you have to sacrifice everything for this great goal!

8. We take unnecessary gold, we take for the hungry - no one dares to say that this is what is going against the Christian faith. The founders of your faith were poor and lived in caves. Sergius of Radonezh served in a canvas vestment, commune from a wooden bowl.

9. The honest ones understood that they didn’t get to talking here in the village of Davydovka, Melitopol district, they gathered, they decided, and all the jewels were handed over.

10. Not the Bolsheviks decided to withdraw. Look, the starving Volga people are now praying about this. “We are asking, on behalf of the hungry people who are groaning in the throes, to give all gold, diamonds, other church utensils that are not required for worship, but serves as a luxury in the church to fight hunger.

11. Every worker knows, every peasant knows, if the merchants donated cups, if the landowner decorated the iconostasis with gold, our great-grandfathers robbed for this, for this they forced us to work.

12. Nowadays, the people in need, the people can rightly take from the church both a robe and a frame. We take useless wealth, we will give bread to the hungry and poor. This is not a blasphemy, but the fulfillment of the covenant of Christ.
Period: 1922-1930
  • Anti-imperialist propaganda
  • Socialist economics
  • Famine
Reference Price: £ 1600

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