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8th of March is a celebration for all women-workers everywhere is the world.


Cat. no: 1264
Year: 1932
Issue: 10 000
Publisher: Sev-Kav. Kraevoe Knigoizdatelstvo "SEVERNYY KAVKAZ"
Place of publishing:
  • Rostov-On-Don
  • Photomontage
Printing Technique: Chromolithography
  • Russian
Size: 102 x 70
Condition: Excellent. Duplicated.
Notes: Editor M.I. Entin
Photo A. Bratolyubov (Souzfoto)
Rostov upon Don, Budenovskiy No.30
Publication 2185
Description: The fulfillment of Comrade Stalin's six conditions is the lever of the victory of socialism in our country. Each collective farmer must actively fight for the organizational and economic strengthening of the collective farms.
Women's engineers and technicians
in the oil industry 68%
in the cement 56%
in agrarian state farms 82%

Best of female workers
on machine-building 62.9%
on the coal industry. 47.8%
on cement 55.4%
for oil 57.8%
by sewing industry. 58.4%

Female workers in the industry of North Caucasus Region of 20.8%

All female workers in the industry of North Caucasus Region to the total number of workers 30%

Women in the party on January 1, 1932. 32075

Women in agriculture in the management and control bodies on the collective farms 3886
Head of M.T.F. STF 1112
Masters of MTS 28
Directors M.T.S. 4

Tractor female drivers 2000
Period: 1931-1940
  • Socialist economics
  • Communist events, celebrations and honourings
  • 8 March - International Women's Day
  • Women
Reference Price: £ 4000

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