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A faithful friend.


Cat. no: 1271
Year: 1920
Issue: Unknown
Publisher: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Peterburg (Leningrad)
  • Caricature
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 72 х 50
Condition: Excellent.
Notes: Butnik-Siverskiy B.S.
Soviet Posters of the Civil War Era. 1918-1921.
M., 1960. No.3234. Page 483.(138).

Polonsky V.
Russian Revolution Poster.
M, 1925. No. 739. Page 178.(057).
Description: Vanya spent all day lazy, did not read books, did not like to be engaged. It was boring for him to live, the day stretches endlessly; he does not know what to do! He met with his friend Pavlik. Pavlik complains that he is bored with life. Says Pavlik: - If you want, I will introduce you to my friend, and immediately it will be fun for you to live, you will not know yourself, all day, as one minute, will pass!
- Introduce, please. - says Vanya. - Well, come to me on Sunday!

Vanya came on Sunday to Pavlik. - Here is my friend, - says Pavlik, - this is a book! It will introduce you to everything. It will tell you which peoples lived and lived in the world for millions of years ago, you will find out what is happening on earth, under the earth and in heaven. The book - a friend will teach you how to live your life well and for the benefit of yourself and others. You will never be bored again. It will do what you do not know yourself, it will give you a hundred eyes, the power of a giant, the mind of a sage! And you will not find a more faithful friend who would give you the right advice in the most difficult moment of your life.

for horticulture and cattle breeding,
on pig breeding, soil science and
on agriculture.

Books can be obtained in the warehouses of the state publishing house:
Petersburg - Prospect on October 25, 26.
Moscow - Soviet (Tverskaya), 26.
Period: 1917-1921
  • Anti-hooliganism, parasitism and lack of manners
  • Art, Science and Education
Reference Price: £ 1300

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