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Fuel is republic’s foundation.


Cat. no: 1294
Year: 1922
Issue: 25 000
Publisher: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Lubok
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 71 х 106
Condition: Excellent. Dublicated.
Notes: Edition Glavpolitprosveta № 5/g.

Polonsky V.
Russian revolutionary poster.
M. 1925. № 669. Стр. 172. (057).
Description: Now our main fuel is firewood.
Peasants, so that the Republic will provide with firewood, 5,000,000 cubic sazhen must be prepared by you. Twice, against last year, the wood plan is reduced, completely, it must be fulfilled 100%.
1921 13 mil. cubic sazhen.
1922 5 mil. cubic sazhen.

13,000,000 cubic sazhen prepare and take out! Such a task last year lay on the peasants. Now - 5.000.000 - compared to last year, very little.
This year, with the peasant is less asked - what a relief to him. Why?
Because before the main heating was wood. And now we have another fuel. We have peat, oil, coal. This year, in spite of the difficult conditions, Donbas raised the efficiency.
The authority sees - there is fuel,
it will bring relief to the peasant.
Fully 100% of firewood must be given by the peasantry.
There are the most important deal, because
the peasantry can not live without transport, without large industry, without the army.
An irresponsible peasant will say:
“What to explain!
You will pay, you will get firewood.
The conversation is not long:
we will get firewood if you pay the debt. "
Tell this to the public:
- Your representatives are in the authority
they themselves recount the official rubles.
If they do not give us money and food, we will be all poor.
We fought with hunger and defended from landlords.
And then, in comparison with the workers, the republic is less indebted to the peasantry, they paid everything they could. And the worker does not grumble. On the contrary, he raises the productivity of the mine, raises the work of the plant.
Thanks to the work of the workers, from year to year more and more benefits to the peasant.
For the work! So far, only 2.000.000 sazhen harvested by you. Prepare the remaining 3,000,000 cubic sazhen - provide the Republic with firewood!
It’s not enough to make firewood
there is still a task -
It is necessary to transport firewood.
So far, one and a half million sazhen have been delivered:
300,000 cubic sazhen delivered to the floatable rivers, and 3.200.000 cubic sazhen are not shifted even from a place.
For trains to work
and the factories work for glory -
bring firewood
get ready to delivered it to the floatable rivers!
Period: 1922-1930
  • Socialist economics
  • The New Economic Policy (NEP)
Reference Price: £ 1100

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