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It will not be like this anymore.


Cat. no: 131
Year: 1919
Issue: Неизвестен.
Publisher: VTsIK
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Lubok
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 72 x 51
Condition: Excellent.
Notes: Butnik-Siverskiy B.S.
Soviet Posters of the Civil War Era. 1918-1921.
M., 1960. No.627. Page 206.(138).

Polonsky V.
Russian Revolution Poster.
M, 1925. No. 5. Page 123.(057).

Series of 12 individual posters. Predecessor of "Windows ROSTA"
Description: The capitalist lived, and near him the minions, helped him to rob the honest working people. The first henchman is an official. He wrote the laws. Deftly wrote - came out according to these laws, that the rich belongs all: and the earth, and bread, and all products, but nothing to belongs the worker. A second henchman-a general: commanded by soldiers. I recruited the youngest and the healthiest of the workers, beat them in the teeth, taught them to kill whom he would command. The third henchman is a priest, an aspen forehead. He whipped up his head to the worker with all manner of words about the kingdom of heaven, about heaven, about hell, he invented miracles different, scared the devils. And for all these services the capitalist gave them money, which he received from the workers.

And the worker, from morning to night, bent his back, then he poured himself out, but did not use anything from his own. Though he worked out whole kinds of materials for whole textile, silk, velvet, various cloths, and everything went in rags; built palaces of millions, but there was nowhere to go; cultivated the whole earth, sowed and collected millions of poods, and was hungry. And there was nowhere for him to find the truth. He will come to the priest, and pop him the Gospel right now: God says, he tolerated, and he told us. Go to the official, ask him. He will sneak to the official, and he tosses his finger at the law, in prison, threatens with a whip.

And the worker is a little agitated, the general is already here, knows his business: shoot, shout, or ... Brave one on unarmed - as there is a hero, not without reason the whole chest in medals. And the general of the soldiers of his own brother-worker is forced to kill. And the capitalist sits at least for himself, thinks his mind, how to save more money, increase the capital, cut off neighbors, declare war, declare a piece of foreign land to its hands. The general is his chief assistant here: he will drive out the army and order the workers to fight, and he himself is buried behind the bush.

So in a certain lives the capitalist was a diligent capitalist, and the worker worked for him all his life, bleeding blood - and everything in order to tighten his pockets. Yes, not all cats carnival. The worker once became angry, drove the capitalists out - go to all four sides, and forced his workmen to work. And no matter how the capitalist tries now and will not allow him to sit on his neck any longer, using his blood to take advantage of it, this will never happen again.
Period: 1917-1921
  • Military-patriotic and revolutionary posters
  • Civil War
  • Anti-imperialist propaganda
Reference Price: £ 1200

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