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International political overview. Geneva Conference in "Disarmament".


Cat. no: 1313
Year: 1932
Issue: 25 000
Publisher: OGIZ-IZOGIZ
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow; Leningrad
Series: Plakat-gazeta IZOGIZA
  • Caricature
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 101 х 35
Condition: Satisfactory. Pin holes in the corners. A small loss of the bottom right corner. Restoration of tears. Pencil marks.
Notes: Verses by S. Kirsanov
Editor Ryabinkin
Technical editor Leonov
Description: Under the cover of pacifist resolutions, the capitalist are preparing new blood-flowing wars, preparing the attack on the country of councils.

Look, this speaker is making a peace policy.
This, sorry for the expression, -
appearance of general disarmament.

This is an angel, twisted in the sky,
flew the plane over the breadth of China,
but all who sit in the front,
they have under their jackets the same uniforms.

In Geneva, used a lot of paper,
they say you need to disarm first
first morality, and then the bombs
disarmament too.

“It’s more pleasant to live with guns, -
Curls Geneva all over dovecot:
In vain, pan, you used a lot of paper:
guns can shoot without morals. "

In the middle of the Geneva minefield
There is powerful voice of Litvinov:
"We want to work calm, peaceful,
there is no more need to play around and shirk.

Our policy is peace policy
but also a rifle in hand - while the peacemakers of the bourgeois world have their sides bulged by bombs."
Period: 1931-1940
  • Anti-imperialist propaganda
  • For piece and friendship of all nations. Against a war
Reference Price: £ 1600