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The capitalists are screaming...


Cat. no: 1327
Year: 1919
Issue: Неизвестен.
Publisher: VTsIK
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Caricature
Printing Technique: Two colour lithography
  • Russian
Size: 78 х 54
Condition: Good. Several tears along the bottom edge. Horizontal fold in the center. Two fox spots.
Notes: Butnik-Siverskiy B.S.
Soviet Posters of the Civil War Era. 1918-1921.
M., 1960. No.285. Page 70.(138).

Polonsky V.
Russian Revolution Poster.
M, 1925. No. 8. Page 1123.(057).
Description: Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. "Proletarians of all countries, unite!"

The capitalists are screaming, they are worrying, they are arming themselves before each other, they are going to share the globe among themselves: who should trade where. How to divide the workers among themselves: everyone wants. They did not have time to start the carve-up, but already fell out. And now the war started.

People's blood flowed, the working people beat each other, they poison it with gas, they pour it with a combustible liquid, millions die under guns. The year is fought, another, the third, and the war has no end in sight. Tired, eyes sweated with blood.

Suddenly appeared the Bolshevik. He sees that things are going wrong, went up to his neighbor, and he says: wipe your eyes, see who you hit. As he looked, he saw that in front of him his work brother was standing, he threw his gun and gone home.

And the Bolshevik speaks to him: comrade сapture your gun, it will still be useful to you. The worker obeyed him and took the gun with him.

As soon the capitalist saw it all, heaped his head, and abroad to his allies, to the American Wilson with the company. He shouts to his brothers - we are in trouble! The working beast came out of obedience! To pacify them soon!

And the Bolsheviks are already operating in other countries!

And there the working people rise up against the enemy of their sworn-up capitalist.

And even Wilson himself is an American and an Anglo-Frenchman looking at their workers incredulously. They say you can't hope for them, but we’ll send the best to the rioters who are savages, blacks, while they are still afraid and obedient.

And they sent...

Then the worker only guessed why the the Bolshevik told him not to throw his gun, it was useful and even very good: he pierced the rotten capitalist belly. And only the capitalist died, - the red sun rose in the sky, the earth sighed with freedom - it is going to live in a new way!
Period: 1917-1921
  • Anti-imperialist propaganda
Reference Price: £ 1100

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