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All power belongs to the Soviets!


Cat. no: 1443
Year: 1932
Issue: 50 000
Publisher: OGIZ-IZOGIZ
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow; Leningrad
  • Constructivism
  • Photomontage
Printing Technique: Offset printing
  • Russian
  • French
Size: 103 х 68.5
Condition: Satisfactory. Duplicated. Traces of restoration of tears and losses. Vertical and horizontal creases from folding.
Notes: Photos of V.I. Lenin, the true banner of the Communards and barricades - from the archive of the Institute of Marx Engels and Lenin.
The editor Korobchenko
Technical Editor Gusev
Description: Under the banner of Lenin to build a classless society!

"The cause of the commune is the cause of the social revolution, the cause of the complete political and economic emancipation of the working people, this is the work of the all-world proletariat, and in this sense it is immortal"

"Lenin opened Soviet power as a state form of the dictatorship of the proletariat, using for this purpose the experience of the Paris Commune and the Russian revolution." (Stalin)
Period: 1931-1940
  • Communist Leaders
  • Lenin V.I.
Reference Price: £ 14000

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