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Nothing to eat! Nothing to sоw! Next year will be even worse!...


Cat. no: 1494
Year: Неизвестен
Issue: 25 000
Publisher: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Caricature
Printing Technique: Two colour lithography
  • Russian
Size: 69 х 106
Condition: Satisfactory. The right edge is worn out. Large stains of moisture in the bottom corners. Horizontal fold in the center.
Notes: Butnik-Siversky BS
Soviet poster of the Civil War era. 1918-1921.
M., 1960. № 2745. Стр. 424.
Description: People are eating carrion! People eat the dead! 10.000.000 will die out if there is no bread.

STAY! Think about this simple calculation: you need to sow and eat: 1346 million poods.
Total collected this year: 741 million. pood.
Shortage: 605 million. pood.
In Russia, you will not get any more pood. Where to get the rest? Where from? There is bread in the foreign bourgeoisie. It is necessary to carry gold. Where does the gold come from? Poverty is a workers 'and peasants' treasury!
In churches there are many different goods: gold, diamonds, silver. It is necessary to take values ​​from cathedrals, synagogues, churches, mosques. It is necessary to turn gold into bread.
See now: Each pound of silver will save a family of 5 people before the next harvest. What church wealth will give ?? Russia WILL PROVIDE BREAD provide bread in this and next year!
Period: 1917-1921
  • Famine
  • Anti-religion propaganda
  • Skeletons, skulls and monsters
Reference Price: £ 2100

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