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How kulak Nil has allegedly married his son on a farmhand.


Cat. no: 1681
Year: Неизвестен.
Issue: 15 000
Publisher: Rabotnik zemli i lesa, journal
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Lubok
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 55 х 73
Condition: Good. Duplicated. Vertical fold in the center.
Description: 1.
To have a women farmhand in the house,
A cook, a cowgirl and a washerwoman
And she does not have to pay for labor,
Neal decided to marry his son.
"Keep your eyes open, you hear, Ivashka,
Try to get married for Dashka.
Because of marriage bonds
We will not be affected by the trade union.
Nil's housekeeping is big,
But Daria has no strength,
Especially though,
When she became the "mistress" of the house.
With the first dawn rose,
She started to work
And, all day, spinning a top,
She was carrying the whole house.
But the season passed, and her husband,
And her father-in-law,
Daria is no longer needed.
"Get out of here, "wife"!
Daria did not fall in spirit -
She all told in the working Committee.
Dismissed the case there
And sent it to the authorities.
Indulgences were not given to kulaks
For such a trick of women farmhand
And her free work,
Strongly they were pressed by the people's court.
Father and son do not know what to do,
The hocks themselves tremble.
"What, father, did you cheat?" -
The beast looks old Nile.
Often so at us happens.
But let the women farmhands know,
That our union and the people's court
They will not be hurt.
Period: 1922-1930
  • Agriculture and Collectivisation
  • Fighting past prejudices
  • Women
Reference Price: £ 1100