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The week of the treasure of red banner.


Cat. no: 1968
Year: 1921
Issue: 25 000
Publisher: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Lubok
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 96.8 x 68.8
Condition: Good. Glued on cardboard. The top right corner is torn off. Dented.
Notes: Бутник-Сиверский Б.С.
Советский плакат эпохи гражданской войны. 1918-1921.
М., 1960. № 1454. Стр. 289.
Description: 1. Knowledge for a Red Army man is the same as a rifle. Support and attend school and club.
2. Keep the room clean. Cleanliness will save you from illness.
3. Take care of the horse. A bad horse will not help a good soldier.
4. Rifle - your first friend - take care of it.
5, 6 Repair and protect clothing and shoes from damage.
Remember: the spendthrift of the national treasure is the same enemy of the Soviet Republic as the counter-revolutionary.
Period: 1917-1921
  • Military-patriotic and revolutionary posters
  • Men's aesthetics
Reference Price: £ 4500

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