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A kozak Erema’s tale who got captured by the bolsheviks.


Cat. no: 505
Year: 1919
Issue: 79 000
Publisher: Lit. izd. otd. Polit. upr. RVSR
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Lubok
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 54 x 71
Condition: Good. Duplicated. Restoration of the bottom right edge.
Notes: Butnik-Siverskiy B.S.
Soviet Posters of the Civil War Era. 1918-1921.
M., 1960. No.1691. Page 312.(138).
Description: At the command of the ataman
The drums crackled ...
At the command of the royal servants
Cossacks gathered in a circle.
Says the authorities: Brothers!
Tomorrow we will have to fight!
Communists broke
And as before we will live! ...
In a chorus of bullets flew
Bullets and shrapnel are bursting,
The laboring people are bursting
With the red banner forward!
Like the wild Indians
On the horses the White Guards
For Denikin go,
Help the rich.
But the workers of the Red Army
Beats heroes heroically! ...
The enemy could not stand it - he fled -
And Erema was captured ...
Our Cossack is in captivity at home:
It's as if everything is familiar from childhood
Everyone looks into his eyes,
Everyone speaks the truth;
And when he read the books
About the landowners' deeds,
I understood right away at the same moment,
What a thing Bolshevik! ...
He visited the village
Monopoles and taverns, -
They ordered us to live long;
Fully impeach people to them.
But in Soviet villages
All the guys are drilled in schools,
And idlers do not have places: -
Who does not work - does not eat! ...
Days after days fly by.
Prisoner in the city is walking
No need and no worries ...
Suddenly he looks:
Songs of the will singing
To stand up for the will calls,
A cry rises from all sides, -
"All for the will! All on the Don! "
"Do not fight the Cossacks,
And do away with your fists
The will of labor is a crown,
And Denikin's the end! ... "
Loud speeches sounded,
In the heart of the prisoner sunk
He understood that only the people
To the truth, lead to the light!
Hey, people! Guys! Brothers!
Do we have to fear the kulaks?
We will squeeze without extra words
Fists of the kulaks! ...
Here is a fairy tale about Eremu
Everybody knows this tale
Anyone who reads it -
Will stand up for the people!
Period: 1917-1921
  • Military-patriotic and revolutionary posters
  • Civil War
Reference Price: £ 1000

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