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Glory to the Red Army!


Cat. no: 656
Year: 1946
Issue: 300 000
Publisher: Iskusstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Leningrad
  • Moscow
  • Socialist realism
Printing Technique: Offset printing
  • Russian
Size: 86 x 61
Condition: Good. Dublicated. Slightly wear and tear at the edges.
Notes: His face became one of the symbols of Victory, but nothing is known about fate. The prototype of the hero of one of the iconic posters of the times of the Great Patriotic War was the Ryazan. The name and patronymic of the hero, who personifies the victorious nation, are still unknown. Researchers have established only his name and rank - Sergeant Golosov. Artist Leonid Golovanov painted sniper Golosov, who a year later became the hero of the poster "Let's get to Berlin!". Poster "Red Army - Glory!", Where Sergeant Golosov is already against the background of the conquered Reichstag, brought back to life a cheerful image of a winning soldier. But this story has a sad end - the Ryazan sniper himself, most likely, never saw Berlin, nor did he get his star. Historians believe that Golosov died in one of the battles in 1944.
Period: 1946-1953
  • Military-patriotic and revolutionary posters
  • Great Patriotic War
Reference Price: £ 1100

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