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The king and the bandit.


Cat. no: 63
Year: 1922
Issue: 25 000
Publisher: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Moscow
  • Caricature
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 60 x 43
Condition: Good. A dark stain along the right edge. The right angle is a bit dented. Horizontal fold in the center.
Description: Pilsudski - almost a Polish krill.
His brains are not at all great,
In his hands he holds a Polish rudder
And reigns ... to the devil on the wader.

He imagines Moscow.
He led on us "Panov" crowds.
But we said: "The devil with two!"
And almost drove to Warsaw.

Alas, in Warsaw in that hike
The Soviet flag was not established:
Our hands were tied up by the Crimean rabble,
The Black-Hundred-Cadet schism.

But all the gentry surrendered to the world.
Well? To be reconciled, so to be reconciled.
But Pan Shan Commander
Everything continued to grow on us.

He still does not sleep nights,
All that same dream seduces Pan:
Making the Red Muscovites
Kiss the edges of his zhupan.

At the feet of Pelsidsky sits
His counselor and favorite
Famous Savinkov, the bandit
And the All-Russia passer-by.

To the Lord, his own,
He sold himself with his soul and body,
And he helps him
Not only in word, but also in deed:

Sends a horde for the horde,
Then, to the Pan's arcana
Interfere with peaceful work
To treat the sick are our wounds.

We discourage this slip.
However, will it be forever?
We tolerate. We tolerate it. But hardly
Our patience is endless:

Since become insolent stinkers
And we will not tolerate meaning.
Heroes are red fighters,
You will drive them ... for the Vistula !!

Poems of Demian Bedny.
Period: 1922-1930
  • Military-patriotic and revolutionary posters
  • Civil War
Reference Price: £ 1100

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