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Revenge for people's suffering!


Cat. no: 68
Year: 1943
Issue: 100 000
Publisher: Iskusstvo
Place of publishing:
  • Leningrad
  • Moscow
  • Socialist realism
Printing Technique: Multicolor lithography
  • Russian
Size: 60 x 45
Condition: Good. The right upper corner is slightly dented. Tear to the left - 6 cm.
Notes: Editor E. Povolotskaya
Description: Son, I carried you under my heart,
I'm in love with you, loving,
And with all the maternal force
I conjure thee,

Beat the enemy! Above your head
The Russian banner is made of silk.
Every German killed by you,
This is the homeland's debt.

Beat the enemy! The red-hot metal
Turn it into ashes and smoke,
To proudly exclaim:
"This is done by my son!"

Beat the enemy! To make him weak,
That he drowned in the blood,
To blow yours was equal in strength
All my motherly love!

Vera Inber
Period: 1941-1945
  • Military-patriotic and revolutionary posters
  • Great Patriotic War
  • Women
Reference Price: £ 900

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